Our Mission

The mission of Border Compassion is to invite faith-communities to Cross-Over at the border to offer a compassionate humanitarian response to families living at the Posada del Migrante Shelter, which houses up to 300 people.

Founder Border Compassion, Sister Suzanne Jabro, CSJ

About Us

Border Compassion is an all-volunteer organization inviting, coordinating and guiding faith communities to Cross-Over. We stand at the border, and with the asylum seekers, forming a flexible, nimble, and efficient web of compassion.

"Love is the standard operating procedure, concern for others is the behavioral norm, and compassion changes everything."
-Robert Keck, Sacred Eyes

Here's the Team

Sister Suzanne Jabro, CSJ,
Chief Inviter and Cross-Over Guide

Modesto Leon
On-the-ground Fixer and Logistical Mastermind

Troy Elder and Kip Joda
Attorneys with huge hearts and keen immigration law minds

Sister Teresa Lynch, CSJ,
Orange County Networker, Transporter and Border Compassion Photographer

The only piece missing is YOU.

We are all one, dear neighbors, compassion knows no borders.

Photo Gallery